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Valuing your Business

The business valuation is a critical phase for the selling process.  aBC businessbrokers uses a variety of recognized calculation methods ranging from asset-based to future earnings approaches.  Although the mathematical valuation is important, the sustainability of the business and the issues around deciding whether or not to purchase is often more critical for SMEs. Careful preparation and using the professional resources available are the keys to getting as good a price as possible when selling a business - and to looking at your business realistically and setting a fair price for it.

The aBC businessbrokers professionals will evaluate what your business is actually worth. Understanding the methods of valuing a business is important for both the buyer and seller in order for a fair negotiation to take place. With our market and business experience, we will attain a fair price for your business.


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Are you planning a Business Exit or business succession? You deserve the best advice possible from professionals who understand the market, your industry and what you want to achieve. aBC businessbroker will find the best strategy for your business. We are specialized in small and medium sized companies.


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