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Process Overview
1. Contact us or call us today.
Our team will handle your request with confidentiality.
2ABC Active Business Consulting & Management GmbH
Mariannengasse 1/12, A-1090 Wien
2. An Unbinding initial meeting which will clarify objectives, expectations and future steps depending on the services required:
  • Buying or selling a business
  • Company equity opportunity/participation acquisitions
  • Investment/ business partner search
  • Purchasing one of our advertised businesses
3. Quotation free of charge
  • Road map proposal
  • Detailed provision of services
4. Valuation of your Business
5. Marketing Strategy
Development and implementation of a marketing and advertising concept.
The participating companies and interview partners are handled with the utmost confidentiality.
6. Potential customers make contact with us
After the interested buyer signs the nondisclosure agreement (NDA), aBC businessbrokers provides due diligence support and detailed business information.
The business owner seller will only be informed after the pre-screening of the potential buyer.
7. Face to face meeting
aBC businessbroker organizes a face to face meeting in our facilities or in the business facilities, bringing together the client and the purchaser.
8. Sales negotiations
aBC businessbroker can be the important middle-man in the negotiation of a transaction and with our knowledge and expertise we will support you to reach your objectives.
9. Signing of an agreement
10. After the Sale operation has been finalized we also provide additional services:
  • Market and competition analysis
  • Business development strategy
  • Turnaround-strategy
  • Design and development of a business plan
  • Short-term / long-term financial planning and cash flow management
  • Company cost accounting and performance monitoring
  • Continuous improvement initiatives driving productivity and cost reductions
  • Design and implement required process changes
  • Additional services available depending on requirements



Feel free to contact our abc businessbroker!

Are you planning a Business Exit or business succession? You deserve the best advice possible from professionals who understand the market, your industry and what you want to achieve. aBC businessbroker will find the best strategy for your business. We are specialized in small and medium sized companies.


2ABC Active Business Consulting & Management GmbH
Mariannengasse 1/12 (Mezzanin)
A-1090 Wien