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Business Broker

Our mission is to bring business owners interested in selling their SME together with the best potential buyer for their company.  Furthermore, it is to implement company equity opportunity/participation in acquistions and to look for investors or business partners offering a constructive solution for all parties. We will ensure that you benefit from our market knowledge, providing professional support throughout the process and keeping you fully informed; creating a successful negotiation environment.

Market expertise:    

When selling or buying a business, the market overview plays a crucial role in taking the right decision. We provide a clear picture on the market situation, and facilitate a targeted search for the existing or desired business. We specifically find and attract those companies that are best suited to our customers.

Decision making proposes:

Our approach is to provide you with the right data to take the best decision for you and your business at the right time. Timing and business cycles impact significantly on business values.

Valuation of your Business:

We use recognized calculation methods ranging from asset-based to future earnings approaches to accurately value your business. Using a combination of approaches and looking at the current market, economic trends and present values of similar businesses will ensure the best deal.


Our experienced management team will create an environment that will precipitate successful negotiations to help reach your goal. Our team upholds high standards of professionalism at all times. The negotiations can be in German, English or Spanish; and on request we can arrange interpreters for other languages. We understand that maintaining complete confidentiality at all stages of the process is important to you.


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Are you planning a Business Exit or business succession? You deserve the best advice possible from professionals who understand the market, your industry and what you want to achieve. aBC businessbroker will find the best strategy for your business. We are specialized in small and medium sized companies.


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