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Selling SMEs

The main goal of the aBC businessbrokers team is to find a succession plan that best allows an existing business to provide value for the acquirer and sustainability for the society. A company’s value is not restricted to the return on investment but also the safeguarding of jobs and the sustainability of the business structure. Every business is unique and the transaction success will be directly affected by multiple factors. 

Preparing your business for sale and planning the exit strategy is something every investor in a business looks for. For you, as for any investor in a business, the questions are the same: How are you going to get your money out of the business? And how much money are you going to get?

Having an exit strategy worked out in advance helps guarantee that you like the answers to those questions and gives you some control over your small business' future. Additionally, when it comes to selling a business and getting the highest possible value, timing is everything.

The aBC businessbroker team will find reliable and creative strategies to work out the best solution for your business. We are quality driven to create sustainable value and excellence and to ensure success in the sale of your business.


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Are you planning a Business Exit or business succession? You deserve the best advice possible from professionals who understand the market, your industry and what you want to achieve. aBC businessbroker will find the best strategy for your business. We are specialized in small and medium sized companies.


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