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Buying a business vs. start up

Today’s global business environment is more challenging that it has ever been before. With recession a very recent memory, unsettled markets and the associated financial fluctuation; these are tough times. It has never been more important for forward-thinking and entrepreneurial managers to make the right investment for success.

When you choose entrepreneurship or organic growth and you decide to achieve this with a business purchase, it is important to start by evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of a procurement.

Acquiring an established business seems to have advantages over starting from scratch, as the company already has a history and established values, as well as customers. A new start up is very demanding on the founder as they require a new idea, vision and strategy. The entrepreneur then needs to develop and introduce products to the market, attract customers, hire employees and develop relationships with suppliers, banks, etc.

On the other hand, buying a business allows the buyer to look back on the business’ performance, evaluate the tangible and intangible values, and identify the predictable risk.  In most cases, the business provides an immediate cash flow with which to finance the acquisition and repay the investment. As well, a business with consistent profitability usually has substantial value in its customer base, product/service offering, employees, contracts, systems, suppliers, policies and procedures, and other intangibles.

Finding a quality business for sale, investigating and understanding the company and its value, securing financing, negotiating agreements, conducting due diligence and successfully transferring operations is a more strenuous and complex journey than most business people realize. According to industry statistics, over 90% of the people who begin the search to buy a business fail to ever complete a purchase.

The aBC businessbroker team, with their combined experience and expertise can make the difference for your acquisition.

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